Concentrate FAQs 

Is Glycerin in the BATHE LASH Cleanser Concentrate okay for lash extensions? 

The Glycerin we use is derived from vegetable sources and is water soluble, meaning it is not oil based.  

Why is the concentrate cloudy and with "stuff" floating around

Keep in mind that the main ingredient in the list is ALOE VERA JUICE. Our aloe vera juice is not filtered or watered down; therefore holding back all the fibre and particles of the leaf fillet. Natural ingredients is important for us, as well for the lash artist and client.

Why is your concentrate liquid/watery? 

Our concentrate has water-loving ingredients making it efficiently easy to bond and mix with distilled water. Just make sure to give the concentrate a little twirl before pouring/using.

Is your product safe for lash extensions? 
Yes, for both natural and artificial lashes! None of the ingredients we use in our products contain oil, therefore it's safe for lash extensions. Your lashes receive all of the nutritive benefits of the ingredients without compromising the look of your eyelash extensions. 


How long does the concentrate stay fresh?

Our concentrate itself, has a shelf-life of twelve (12) months. And six (6) months once its MIXED WITH DISTILLED WATER.

Note: If storing concentrate away for awhile after opening/using store the rest of what's in the bottle in a cool and dark place (away from sun and heat). And when ready to use again, shake or swirl until it looks homogenous

Are you planning to have a vegan concentrate in the future?


Will your products make lash extensions last longer?

Keep in mind that natural lashes naturally shed because of their life cycle. Our product is designed to keep your lash extensions clean to extend retention, feel and look fresh and have the fluffy look afterwards. 

Will I have a reaction to your product?

Like any other cosmetic product some people may be more sensitive than others due to certain reasons. We recommend asking your client if they have any allergies and perform a patch test if unsure of the BATHELASH foaming cleanser. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water. As always, in case of any irritation, please discontinue use.

Can the Bathe Lash Foaming Cleanser be used as a facial cleanser too? 

Of course! It's safe to be used all over the face. This foaming cleanser will remove any remaining dirt, sweat or makeup residue that might affect the retention of your lash extensions. 

Can I mix the concentrate with tap/purified water?

The answer is NO. Tap/purified water varies in mineral traces and may contain contaminants that can and will compromise the concentrate mixture. Only use distilled water.

How do I dilute the concentrate?
We recommend diluting the concentration by mixing one-part concentrate to two-parts distilled water in a foaming pump bottle, give it a little shake and you're done! EXAMPLE: for a 60mL foaming bottle, add 20mL concentrate then add 40mL distilled water.